Pin Grading Guide

All enamel pins are filled and polished by hand. Asa result, there may be small variations or slight defects from pin to pin. Please keep this in mind while buying!

That being said, all pins are personally inspected and sorted before shipping to ensure everyone receives the same standard of quality.

Pins are sorted into three grades: standards, seconds, and unsellables.


Standard Pins (A-Grade)

Standard pins are the highest grade that I offer. Standard pins are collector quality and suitable for display within a collection. Due to their handmade nature, they may have minor cosmetic imperfections typically not easily visible to the naked eye.

Examples of possible Standard Pin imperfections:

  • small buff marks or scuffs on the metal/enamel
  • minor metal discoloration
  • minor specks on the surface of the enamel or inside epoxy
  • minor plating inconsistencies


Seconds Pins (B-Grade)

Seconds pins are wearable quality and suitable for display on clothing, bags, or anywhere that make experience more jostling on a daily basis. Seconds have more noticeable flaws and are sold at a discount.

Examples of possible Seconds Pin imperfections:

  • smudges or staining
  • trapped lint
  • small underfilled areas
  • noticeable scratches on the metal and enamel
  • heavy oxidation of the metal
  • specks or pores in the enamel
  • bent posts/backings
  • uneven epoxy surfacing
  • small air bubbles in the epoxy



Unsellable Pins (C-Grade)

Unsellable pins have major, noticeable flaws. These are not typically sold to customers unless requested, and are heavily discounted. If you would like to purchase a C-grade pin, please contact me directly.

Examples of possible Unsellable Pin imperfections:

  • loose posts/backings
  • major unfilled areas
  • incorrect color placement
  • overfilled enamel
  • areas missing epoxy


If you have questions about the type of pin you are receiving please feel free to contact me! I'm always happy to provide photo samples of specific pins to ensure that you get the pin quality you're looking for.